BALADA – It’s about partying, fun and undying excitement!

How does Jaipur nightlife look like? Just like everything else, evenings in Jaipur are capable of gearing you rolling to Get Set and Po to the parties.

Every evening a new adventure unfolds. Set out with friends on a journey to the stars and to the depths of the sea with a cocktail in your hand and wonder in your eyes!Miss Alice enjoying NightlifeJaipurities take pride in showing off its flamboyant night life which matches every ones’ beats from the silent and soothing Henry’s to peppy mix spun at Grunge & Tablu, there is no stop to the hangovers.

The evenings have it all – trippy beats, dazzling dance, mind-blowing music and a great crowd to boot!

Vibrant breathtaking colours speeding its wings in the city cannot leave you untouched. For the dance enthusiasts TC, Nyla house, Grunge, Dragon Bar are the most sought after names known for their high-spirit, throbbing strobe lights, grooving music and loads of Desi tadaake daar masti making them the hottest hub in the city for enjoying nightlife.

At these top Jaipur dance party houses Think music first is the mantra—house-centric havens for party people. If you want to beat the heat, escape the stress, and forget the targets hounding you lose yourself on these dance floors – it’s going to be your ticket to bliss. From soulful house, techno, hip hop and the thumping bass I am sure there’s band beats and bash in store. Where the freaks and fans come out dressed in the best and burn the floors buy this…These are the best happenings in town when you need a fix of serious fun..!

There’s no dearth of places to hear live music, but the sprawling clubs in the city take the cake for both quantity and quality showcasing the best of fashion, trends, attractions, tempting aroma of best cuisines. Nostradamus at Fortune, Waves, Replay, Wassup serves appealingly to those seeking a quiet fancy evening.

If the regular party peeps are tired of the electronic club anthems the city seems to be offering splashes of pool parties, theme based events with amplified drums, groovy tracks and relishing yummy spread which fueled the guests.

The hip, hot and happening people decked up leggy lasses in citrus colours, soft fabrics, hot pants and glitzy glam attires are setting fashion trends.floral+ stripes never goes out of fashionA weekend isn’t an excuse for night revelers, dance maniacs to drop in at these rocking fired floors.Party at Orca BlackTheir chant – Party abhi baaki hain continues to rule the city and light its night!

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