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Tete-a- tete with Devdutt Pattanaik

15 Sep

The words like myth, management, mythology and marketing   had no similarity whatsoever until Devdutt Pattanaik brought them together in his book “Business Sutra-A very Indian approach to management”.

Mythological moments with Devdutt Pattanaik

We were in conversation with Devdutt Pattanaik yesterday to enlighten people about his book Business Sutra-A very Indian approach to management at Clarks Amber. Here are the few excerpts of the interview.

Business Sutra: A Very Indian Approach to Management


Shopping Bites– Please give us an insight into your book “Business Sutra-A very Indian approach to management”.

Devdutt– It is simply about the fundamental principle of 3 B’s Belief, Behavior and Business.  They are all inter-connected. We have always read about the business text books which contain the theories of European, American or Chinese philosophers but I wanted to bring in the challenges of Indian businesses. The second chapter of the book explains their relevance with respect to the Indian system of education.  And the first chapter deals with the basic definition of mythology itself.

Shopping Bites-Is it easier to make the youth believe in mythology in the corporate backdrop?

Devdutt– The youth is asking questions. They are curious to know about it, in fact it was always around us, and I am only making them aware of what is already happening around through my book.  Everybody is interested in it, everyone thinks if he works hard then he may have all the pleasures of life, this is mythology.

Shopping Bites– Why is the market all of a sudden filled with books based on mythology, there Shiva Trilogy by Amish, Ramayana by Ashok Banker? Is it simply a rat race because it is “trending“?

Devdutt-It is a ‘Sanatan’ truth that mythology has been around since then, only that people have realized its value now and are more inclined to the stories and teachings of mythology. It is an absolute truth. A culture exists because we have a mythology. There would be no culture otherwise.

Shopping Bites– You have recently been roped into Mahabharata on star plus as a consultant. You have also played a crucial role for Devon ke Dev: Mahadev on Life ok. Do you think Indian television is heading in the right direction?

Devdutt– There is no right way. There will just be a way. People didn’t know about Mahabharata and each of its minute details, so it is being shown to us. And also there is a market need for it, hence the makers attempt it. Let me put it this way the truth is different for different people.

Shopping Bites– We have seen your presence in Jaipur for Jaipur Literature Festival. Do you keep travelling for similar events across the country?

Devdutt– Oh yes, I was invited twice to JLF. This year I will just attend a couple of more such events. But now I can’t spare much time to them, given my packed schedule and I am also a family man. Besides it’s not quite helpful if you launch a book at such events, I don’t see any marketing strategy in it.

Shopping Bites– We witnesses a very different and yet deteriorated picture of women in our society what do think is the position of women in our society on the whole?

Devdutt– It is obviously inferior because we have come to believe that home making is not a good option. If you want to step out and earn for your family then you a good woman but if anyone is a home maker then people ask – “kaam nahi karti?” They have made the earthly things to be inferior, be it a farmer or a house wife, so the corollary has also changed which further degrades their position. Our traditions have played a part, but it should also not be in defiance, just that there should be a sense of equality everywhere.

Shopping Bites– Having spoken at TED, written over 25 books, being a consultant, a motivational speaker, you have come a long way. Tell us about your growing up years.

Devdutt– I have had a very usual childhood. I did not read a single book till the age of 25, which might be unusual for you! (Giggles)  But now I read a lot and being a writer you are exposed to lots of schools of thoughts and thoughts become words.

Rightly said Mr. Devdutt, the words are the defining moulds of our thoughts and when given right attention yields best results. This conversation definitely was a very enlightening experience for us; hope it is equally intriguing for all of you. 🙂

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