Bite your fantasy at DZURT Patisserie & Café (A review)

Ever fantasize a treat of molten chocolate over a hot doughnut or digging deep into a mango cheesecake and sipping your favourite coffee while being around the best company?

Food Review_DZURT

Shopping Bites_DZURT_Review

Tejasvi Chandela has come up with a Patisserie and café called “DZURT”. Trained at the best school of culinary arts in Paris, France, Tejasvi serves the French desserts with a style. Located on Jacob road, within the premises of Spice court, Dzurt is a small café which can hardly be noticed until you are facing its front door saying “open”. Despite sharing the same walls with spice court, Dzurt stands apart to make a difference.  It is like an add-on feature to the regulars at Spice Court.

Food Review_DZURT

The ambiance gives you the French feel of sipping your coffee, chilling on cane furniture while watching the people pass by.  White colored tables topped with a pink flower and tall wine glasses, makes up a perfect setting for a romantic French style date.

Food Review_DZURT

The menu is spread out lavishly on the black walls with looming glaze bulbs but it will not be easy for you to make the pick as they have quite unseen French names but the gaze at the preparations lined up will surely tempt you. A couple of humble waiters serve you with a smile. Each confectionery has been designed to taste and look perfect to your senses.

Food Review_DZURT

The Chocolate Ganache, Hazelnut Cheesecake, Marble Cakes & Fancy Cup Cakes will leave you wandering in the French streets of elegant confectioneries. Our personal recommendation will be keema puff for the non-vegetarians. Its crust just melts in the mouth and well balanced spices are not heavy on the tummy. There are myriad choices for the people with a sweet tooth.  The flavors of France have been concocted in our very own city, Jaipur, with brilliant skill and passion.

The menu presently at DZURT is limited but the chef is expanding it by adding a new savory every once in a while. The prices however may not allow you to order many things in a single visit because each of the ingredients in all the recipes is imported and hence may be heavy on the pocket.

Food Review_DZURT

The concept is all new for the taste buds of Jaipurites but it is here to stay and be appreciated.

Food Review_DZURT

So if you are craving for an amazing yet a unique sweet bite , go for DZURT right now. 😉

*Picture Courtesy- DZURT


Ratings (Out of 5):

Food: 5

Service: 4

Ambiance: 4

Concept: 5

Pocket friendly: 3



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