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Teej Festival- the dazzling fervor of Jaipur

7 Aug

Beautiful women dressed in the bright colors of spring, dancing at the songs of Sawan, their cascading hair whilst enjoying with each other and having fun. The dazzling ornaments, beautiful clothes, clapping henna-decorated hands and heart to heart talk on life, love, romance and festivity add up to the spur of the celebration. That’s how I can connect with Teej, being one of my darling festival and the most popular and widely celebrated festivals of Rajasthan.

The festival is celebrated every year during the showery season of ‘Monsoon’ amidst July and August. The festival is devoted to Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati when they have got united and it also provides relief to the people from the scorching heat and brings happiness by the lovely and much awaited showers. Although this festival is celebrated across Rajasthan but Jaipur is the centre of attraction, because of the fanfare and sparkling festivity. Our very own Pink city calls on scores to the tourist, on this vibrant festival from across the globe. It’s also an excellent time to enjoy Rajasthani delicacies like Malpuas & Ghewar.

The festival of love is primarily meant for the girls and married women wearing beautiful Lehariya saris, shopping Rajasthani ‘Bandhni’ fabrics and saris with trendy accessories to show their ardor towards their spouses. They worship goddess Parvati in order to gain virtue, fertility and devotion.

We all have geared up to celebrate Hariyali Teej with immense pomp and zeal, but let me tell you there are two more types of Teej, one is Kajli Teej, where the women sing Kajri folk songs to praise monsoon and the second one is Hartalika Teej, in which the women keep fast for the long and healthy life of their husband.

The Royal part of the festivity is the parade which starts from City Palace and travels through the lanes of old city by proceeding with the idol of Teej Mata (Goddess Parvati) in a royal pageant for public, so that the public can pay homage to the goddess. The possession starts from Tripolia Gate via Tripolia Bazaar, Choti Chaupar, Gangauri Bazaar and ends up at Chaugan Stadium. Bullock carts pulling cannons, bedecked elephants, horses, camels, brass bands, dances and the antique gilt palanquins forms a part to this grand procession. The idol of Goddess Parvati is carried by eight men dressed in red color. Jaipurites participates in this parade in their traditional best and enhances the vibrancy of the fest.

If you want to be a part of this vivid festival then let me give you a sneak peak of the schedule. The Sawan Teej Utsav have commenced from today which will last till 11 August at JKK (Jawahar Kala Kendra) , in which many artists, folk singers, acrobats and dancers will be adding up the glamour. The special performances will be the Kuchipudi dance, Sufi, Sugam and Lok Sangeet. Also there will be food and craft carnival.

Another noteworthy feature is that the possession will be cherished more, as the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has given permission for 30 elephants to participate in the event, as last time few NGOs working for the welfare of animal have protested the use of elephants for festivity.

I am sure this time the verandas won’t miss the Elephants!!

It’s brilliant to see the tourist enjoying every bit of it and it’s the best time to feel the religious yet charming fervour of our princely Pink City.


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Dad’s day out with Miss Alice!

16 Jun

Hey all you buddies,

So any idea how’s your father doing? It’s been a bit long that you have truly given a thought about the face which always stays with you in every situation, in the ebbs and tides, with the cruel and the fine. Busy pacing the race, we are losing the touch of the inexpressible comfort, of feeling safe with a person. It’s simply magical to pour out your heart to someone who keeps his promises and weighs our thoughts, chaff and grain together, while sifting for the worth to stay! So why wait and for what?


With Father’s Day which is almost here try and make the occasion precious, as you take him by surprise and it’s truly an easiest task to surprise our lovely dads!! They are simply awesome! But what would be the best gift and the best surprise? And perhaps a lot of questions must be lingering on, making the plans full of agitation. But you are forgetting something? Miss Alice!


Here I come to your rescue and you can call me your savior as well because I have a lot and lots of ideas regarding the celebration on this ‘Father’s Day’. Thanks to our adorable city.189003_479487035465094_967931270_n

Jaipur is lively as always when it comes to the mirth of some traditional festivals or even the new ones. So, planning a dinner is not-in-so-much-vogue kind of idea but if your father is blessed with amazing taste buds than dining out will truly make him happy, while the delicious food at Spice Court and Ooper Resto lounge will help you earn some extra points. Take a bet on that! If you are planning up for a home-alone surprise or a special bash in home environs than the cakes from ‘Brown Sugar’ and ice-creams from ‘Baskin Robins’ would add up the awesome factor to the whole idea of celebration!

But what if you’re ‘Daddy the Strongest’ is looking forward for some relaxation? Than a surprise appointment call from ‘Ziva Spa’ would do wonders for him! Rejuvenate and revitalize your resilient ‘Sire’ (while you can impress him with your language skills 🙂 )

Live the day to your ‘Dad’s best’ as you plan for him in a ‘Jaipur way’!

Jubilation and hoopla galore!


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When Shopping Eureka Moment Struck..

28 May

The devout search of Sir Arthur Canon Doyle gave him such a fantastic character – Sherlock Holmes – that even now wannabe detective brains would like to be nicknamed Sherlock Holmes! It’s the same case with every search for a suitable and apt character.


So the team of Shopping Bites had a tough time sketching their mascot for the magazine but the experience took them on a fabulous spree. They ranged all along the markets of Jaipur, went to the busy bazaars and galiyaaras, while riding all the way to the upbeat markets which are framing a new Jaipur and finally not missing the great fondness for the chaats, kulfis and other street delicacies! (It would be a sin just to overlook them! :p )

Lost in love of Jaipur and blinded with the alluring charm of our traditional city, we were having a challenging time – how to get out of the Gender issues! All the girls do love exploring every nook and corner of the place they love, and Jaipur tops the chart when it comes to shopping! But hold on, as now the guys are offering tough competition to the pretty ladies as they are becoming more and more look conscious and fashion freaks. Check this out- the latest ‘in thing ‘ might be multi-colored nail paints for girls but the guys would surely take them by surprise with pastel toned trousers!!

But before anyone of us could settle down whether our mascot will be a girl or a guy we were on the verge of facing a very puzzling question as to why on the earth do we need a mascot?

He or She??

After all we are a Lifestyle magazine! Being a Lifestyle magazine we do need an interactive and lively mascot who will make the magazine one of its kind and so our chase was not at all a wild goose chase!! Happily enough, the enthusiastic team of Shopping Bites agreed and took up the task of deciding the magazine mascot’s qualities, persona and aura. Now that was a mammoth task indeed but the teamwork led to an amazing sketch!


The most striking quality of the mascot was jotted down as being an ardent Jaipur lover- A fashionista, Bollywood lover and a charming personality.  With mirthful eyes and classy sophistication! Further qualities added were a lively and cheerful attitude dipped in a sweet smile, a fresh and creative approach towards various trends, and wit. The character would have the wisdom and intelligence to scour the market for all useful and worthy things.  Finally, he or she would follow the Dos and Don’ts that our traditional Jaipur always insists on!


After so much of thinking, dedication and tireless efforts the team of shopping bites did reach somewhere, but not a final conclusion. While we are finalizing the mascot, if you feel curious and fidgety then better hold on. To Soon enough we’ll paint Gulabi Nagari with the charm and aura of our much awaited mascot, till then you can dream and have a good time shopping!

……..and don’t forget while shopping, when in doubt buy ‘em all!!

Happy Shopping! 🙂

Shopping Bites for Jaipurites!

24 May

The chirpy charm of Jaipur and its royal heritage comes alive with the mirth shared by the fanciful, shimmering and decorative bazaars of Jaipur. Undoubtedly! Nothing can beat the fascination of buying amazing silver earrings form M.I road, beautiful Zari-work sarees from Johari bazaar, Mojaris from Bapu bazaar and the list gets endless! The scorching heat or the winter chill might be reasons for some to hibernate. The allure of shopping from Jaipur’s traditional as well as new markets can only be understood by the one who shares a shopper’s heart!


Amid all this, how about a magazine, which takes you to the charm of Jaipur in a very delightful and innovative manner? “Shopping Bites” is one such effort. It aims at providing useful information regarding every special nook and corners of the gallis and bazaars; malls and mohallas; traditional to global, thereby covering the joy of Jaipur. It has already made a mark, while journeying into the markets, discovering the delicious street chaats to some of the amazing shopping hangouts. It attunes its readers to the various colors of Jaipur. Issues of Shopping Bites are always very interesting and peppy as every issue which comes into being is marked with a lot of effort till it reaches our dear customers. There is nothing like a magazine that has you gripped from the very first lineit’s been said that the opening line sells a book while the closing line sells the magazine’s next issue!

“Shopping Bites” has quite happily paired up with a reader’s cup of morning tea. It provides interesting food for conversation at dinner time. The colorful and catchy pictures captivate the readers.  The vision of our magazine has been to reach the vast middle class of urban markets, cater to their lifestyle needs and be an integral part of their modern lifestyle.


We have always tried to bring the best from the vast markets and unending list of brands, products and services. Previous issues had captured the reader’s imagination as they had details about home décor, appliances, bakers and confectioners, etc. The present issue will prove equally informative and interesting about the Whats, Wheres and Whens of Jaipur.

So, join us on an enthralling trip. Choose “Shopping Bites” for informative reading and indulge your love for Jaipur!

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